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A Simple Way to Disable Avast Antivirus or Turn Off Its Shields

There are situations when you have to turn off your antivirus protection. It might be blocking some software you must run or have other conflicts with programs. The need to disable antivirus protection temporarily can have other reasons. Regardless of them, it’s nice to know that this is very easy. Today, we’ll discuss how to disable Avast.

Very often when installing some software like a firewall, you might face difficulties since your antivirus recognizes it as a threat. In this case scenario, the logical thing to do is to find out how to turn off Avast, at least for a short period of time.

You may have different Avast products:

  • Free Antivirus,
  • Internet Security,
  • Avast Premier,
  • Pro Antivirus, etc.

The procedure remains the same for all products. The quick solution is to:

  • Right-click on the Avast icon.
  • Pick Avast Shields Control.
  • Set up the time you want them off.
  • Verify the action in the dialogue box.

While this is all you need, let’s go over some details you should know about how to disable Avast.

Useful tips to consider

When you pick the time frame for antivirus to be off, you can choose 10 min, 1 h, until restart or permanently. As soon as you are done and want it on earlier, just turn to the main window and choose the Resolve button.

If you wish to check whether you’ve succeeded, you may just go to the main window. The antivirus will be colored red and you’ll see “All antivirus shields are off”. When the time is up (or in case you resolve the functions manually), you’ll see the notification of protection.

Before taking such a measure, you’d better realize the danger of the action. Think of why you are doing it. For instance, you’d like to run the program that is conflicted with Avast. The same thing concerns accessing a blocked website or an app you can trust. However, you shouldn’t risk visiting any suspicious sites or install apps you don’t know enough about.

How to turn off Avast by disabling specific shields?

If you know with which shield you have an issue, you can turn off only that one. In most cases, it’s more than enough to download the app or access the website you need. It’s also relevant to those who use torrents and some streaming apps. To achieve this goal and disable a specific shield, you should:

  • Go to Protection from the main window.
  • Pick Core Shields and hit the Settings button you need in the left bottom corner.
  • Click the switchers of the shields you want to be off.

When you are done, you can return to the same window and click the switch again to restore the protection. There is no time limit on this function and you can turn it back on only manually.

All the tips and instructions you’ve seen are the same for all Avast antivirus programs you’ve read about above. The steps can be used on all Windows-running devices. In case you use other operating systems, the steps might appear a bit different.

Now you are aware of everything you need about how to disable Avast. As you see, it’s very easy and fast when you follow the instructions. Nevertheless, you must be 100% sure of the reason you have as well as safety.

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